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A positive training experience, Because they are part of our family.

In 2016 we became an independent training school and started focusing not only on Puppy and Home Obedience Training, but very importantly training The Handler and Owner also Dog Trainers .

Our courses at present include, but are not limited to the following (As we also design courses for clients individual needs.)

Send your dog into a school!

When The dog speaks we listen!


My Happy Clients!

Grant is so much more than a “puppy school trainer”. He focuses on every aspect of your dog’s development..: social, emotional and intellectual. I have learned so much from him about how to get the most out of my pup. Thanks to Grant he is off to a flying start in life!


Bringing a puppy home is one of the most exciting decisions you’ll ever make. They are cute and fun. Most puppy parents make mistakes in raising their puppy, resulting in future challenges that could simply be avoided if they knew the right information.


We aim to be compliant with the guidance provided by the South African Government. As such our puppy socialization sessions and in-person classes.

When Grant Smith explains Hoopers to a non-dog owner, the response was ‘Oh, its about having super fun with your dog. Basically a fun agility course.” Grant Smith explains why he likes the new dog sport which is taking the agility community by storm.

Would you like to turn their sniffing from a solo pursuit into a team activity? Would your dog benefit from extra mental stimulation that is fun for you both, tiring for your dog, and builds your bond?

Behaviour consultations are different from training courses in that training is about teaching a dog something new (like lead walking or recall) and behavior consultations help to improve or eliminate existing problems or abnormal behavior (like chewing, separation anxiety, excessive barking, aggression/reactivity and much more).  

Working trials comprises a number of elements which culminate in the complete working dog. These are: •Nosework (area search & tracking)•Obedience (real life scenarios)•Agility (send-aways over obstacles)•Manwork (in higher levels

The KUSA Canine Good Citizen Test is a programme that is designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community and it encourages and stresses the importance of responsible dog ownership by the owners. Any dog, pure bred, crossbred or of mixed breeding may take part provided it has had its required vaccinations.

Rally Obedience (sometimes called ‘Rally-O’) is a new take on traditional obedience competitions. In both sports, dogs must perform heeling, sit, stay and recall. In traditional obedience competitions, these tasks are performed one at a time in a fairly predictable manner, and interaction between the handler and their dog other than quick succinct cues is discouraged

Service Dogs And Animal Assisted Therapy Dogs Used By Mental Health Professionals.

Animal-Assisted Therapy:

is a therapeutic intervention that incorporates animals, such as horses, dogs, cats, pigs, and birds, into the treatment plan. It is used to enhance and complement the benefits of traditional therapy.

Training Tips 1-8

1. Be committed. Do not get a puppy or a dog for a pet if you are not fully committed in caring for it. Without commitment, you can never train your pet effectively. By being committed, as well as by loving your pet, you would have the necessary drive to do what needs to be …

A Story By Hesme

There are many reasons why you should not get a service dog. They are expensive to train. They require a lot of work, energy, time and effort. You always must think and be responsible for the dog. You will constantly have to fight for your right to access. People will stare at you and discriminate …

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