Behaviour consultations are different from training courses in that training is about teaching a dog something new (like lead walking or recall) and behavior consultations help to improve or eliminate existing problems or abnormal behavior (like chewing, separation anxiety, excessive barking, aggression/reactivity and much more).  We like to start the behaviour consultation in your own home, and then take it outside depending on what problems you are having, so we can observe the unwanted behaviour as it normally happens.  If you are struggling with a behaviour problem, please send us  a message via our contact page and one of our qualified behaviourists will contact you.

Our behaviourists will often want to speak to you and your vet (this can be done over the phone) before the consultation, so they can get all the background information they need to prepare for when you meet. This helps them advise you on the best approach. See below for how the consultation process works

Common behavior problems

Our Consultation Process

Behaviour consltations cary from person to person & dog to dog, depending on the behaviour you are looking to change. We often start with a telephone call (of our presence in the home will upset your dog) , and then meet you & your dog for a consultation . We will give you a training plan and handouts after your consultation to give you a reminder of our assessment and diagnosis that you can use as a reference guide to help you with your training afterwards. Lastly we offer you support after your consultation as and when you need it, we usually do this over the phone or by email but if you feel you need further practical sessions then these can be arranged too. 


Book consultation / Initial telephone conversation


Fill out history form


Speak with your veterinary practice about medical history


2 hour behaviour consultation starting at your home


Training plan and handouts (full report for human aggression cases)


Phone/email support


Follow-up practical sessions if required (hourly)


Contact us today to speak to one of our qualified behaviourists to see which is the best consultation package for you.

Follow Up

So you’ve had your consultation and everything is going really well, but then you suddenly hit a wall and need a bit more help, or you are struggling to keep improving after your session – where do you go from here ? Well, we are still here to help. Just drop us an email or give us a call and we will support you and give you pointers to help you get back on track. If you need more practical sessions then we will arrange them, what ever happens , we are here to make sure you and your dog succeed.

A Trainer That Cares.


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