First Aid is the care provided to a sick or injured pet until professional help is at hand. First Aid does not take the place of proper veterinary treatment. But when used appropriately, it could make all the difference for you and your cat.

It’s important to be prepared for an emergency before one arises. Know these First Aid instructions, have a first aid kit ready, and keep important phone numbers handy.

Learn how your veterinarian handles urgent care, particularly after hours. Some veterinarians are available to meet you at the hospital if you call after closing; others refer directly to a local emergency hospital. It’s always smart to know the name and location of the local 24-hour emergency hospital wherever you are .

Always call ahead before your rush to the vet hospital with your sick or injured pet. This way the staff can prepare or further instruct you as necessary. With a good plan in place, you and your cat can get the help you need…when you need it.

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