Help My Dog!

Dog Behaviour Transformation with a targeted, tailor-made plan from Grant Smith  & Team.

From barking to separation anxiety, reactivity to pulling on lead, you are just a behaviour plan away from your dog-owning dream.

Get a Tailor-Made Plan to Transform Your Dog’s Behaviour Struggle

To unlock the dream that made you get a dog in the first place.


Get in Touch with Our Expert Team

We’ll get you booked in with one of the team trained and led by Grant Smith 


Tune in for Your Remote OR Physical visit Behaviour Consultation

In this session, the team will unlock the secrets of WHY your dog is behaving they way they are and create a target plan of games and strategies.


Implement the Strategies & Play the Games/Tasks We Give You

It doesn’t have to be difficult! In fact if it has been difficult in the past, it’s probably not the right plan.

Step 4

Ready to Start Your 4 Steps to Your Dream?

Step 4

Live The Best Life by  Owning a Smart Dog!

That might be long stress-free walks for you, it might be trips to the shops or having a companion you can do everything with. It’s your dream – realised!

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