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SmartPuppy Online Classes

Our online classes are offered via two-way video conferencing with the same great curriculum and the same high student-to-instructor ratio as our in-person classes. You will have individual coaching in break-out rooms to work on exercises and get immediate feedback.

You will attend online classes from the convenience of your home, which offers the following benefits:

  • Fewer distractions for your puppy – it is much easier for your puppy to focus on learning!
  • Your entire family can attend and learn together.
  • You are in a real-life environment for training.

As of 1 Janaury 2021  we are offering critical in-person socialization sessions as a complement to our online classes.

Come join our online school ,try the Introduction to Puppy Course its free, many more courses to follow soon. Click here to go to the online school


SmartPuppy Socialization and In-Person Classes

10 weeks till 5 Months

We aim to be compliant with the guidance provided by the South African Government.

As such our puppy socialization sessions and in-person classes:

  • Are held at our Morningside location which offers fully fenced outdoor play areas
  • Have a maximum of ten puppies per class.
  • Maintain physical distancing between the humans and hand sanitizer supplied.
  • As the SA government guidelines change we will follow accordingly.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Smart Dog Training cannot guarantee provision of in-person classes.  If an instructor is sick and/or has to self-isolate, or if additional restrictions are required so that we cannot safely offer in-person classes,The Smart Dog Training, at its sole discretion, will offer one or more of the classes in a session online and there will be no refund if this change is made on or after the date of the first class.

SmartPuppy Online vs In-Person Classes – How to Choose

Please be aware that you cannot switch classes once you have started. Many people think they may prefer working in-person with a trainer, but most dogs learn better at home in a calmer, less-distracting environment.

Online classes will be a better fit for your dog if he or she:

  • Gets overexcited in the presence of people, other dogs, or in new environments.
  • Won’t take food from you or focus on you around other dogs or new environments.
  • Can’t settle calmly in a distracting environment. (Food chews and stuffed Kongs can help with this, but your dog will need to be able to settle and focus on their chew for extended periods of time.)

In-person puppy socialization is available only for those currently registered in one of our puppy classes.