Did you know that puppies have a ‘critical’ socialisation phase – and it’s very short. Indeed, trying to socialise a puppy becomes more and more difficult after the age of 12 weeks, so… Don’t leave it too late!

Puppies learn incredibly quickly and these early classes are designed to allow them to build confidence and social skills with adults, children and other puppies in a controlled environment as well as learning all the basics of training.

Our classes are designed to be fun, relaxed and enjoyable for you, your family and your puppy.

We include tons of information in every course for maximum benefit! All this in just one course…

  • Look at me (Puppy to give you instant attention, even when distracted)
  • Handling (Make sure you can groom and examine your pup without a battle)
  • No biting! (How to stop puppy biting and mouthing)
  • Sit (With no need to push)
  • Down (Response to one quiet commend)
  • Stand (Uber useful at the vets)
  • Settle down (So you can enjoy the pub or cafe with your pup)
  • Come when called (Essential!)
  • Walk nicely on the lead (There’s no excuse for pulling)
  • Leave it (Don’t touch that… An invaluable exercise)
  • Stay (For safety, and control)
  • Roll-over (Fun, and useful for towelling and grooming)

On completion of our Puppy School Program you will receive a certificate and report card.