For older puppies, adolescents and older dogs which need basic training, this course is designed to help you understand how your dog learns and to give you both an opportunity to enjoy some training with lots of individual help.

We cover all the basics that most owners want and need – sit, down, stand, attention training, recall, walking nicely on the lead, leave, and some fab tricks, just for fun! The basic courses are intensive, fun and the results are amazing!

Beginner dogs can be any age. They need to be social with other dogs and people, so if your dog has behavioural issues then a 1-1 session or behaviour consultation may be advisable.

We train on a Saturday morning from 10am till 11pm in Morningside,Durban

All classes require a prior book to make an appointment and completion of all necessary paperwork.



We offer twice a year our Character building course/ Personal Protection Course with your dog.

What we cover in our 6 week course:

Food refusal ,Gunshot, Noise , Aggression, distraction , Bite work, Car attack , House attack