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The Smarter Dog

We have been training our dogs in the wrong methods or ways for the last few decades.

We need to engage them on a more mental basis to change their behavior for the better.

I have now developed a new force free method of training your dog in a fun loving way.

Let you dogs nose work for you and have fun while training your best friend.

When you stimulate your dogs mind by using scent games or puzzles, major changes happen.

We have just run our Scent Seekers course over 6 weeks and have seen an amazing change in the dogs. Not one dog made a peep during our training sessions and we all had amazing fun finding the mice or the cheese.

I have trained dogs for over 30 years and have changed my methods of training to a new force free method using scent  as a game changer.

The changers we have seen are:

  • Problem behaviors  fade away.
  • Your dog more obedient and better behaved.
  • Your dogs IQ improves.
  • Your dogs mental and physical health improves.
  • Your bonding with your dog shots to the moon and you start having fun again.

Contact me Grant Smith for more information about our training programs. 

Ps. Panda says if you PM her she  will send you a free games book for your fur friend.’

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